Academy Management System

Academy Management System


- Purpose of the document
- Scope of the system
- Overview of the Academy Management System

System Overview

- Description of the Academy Management System
- Key features and functionalities
- Target users and their roles
- System architecture and components

Installation and Setup

- System requirements (hardware, software, dependencies)
- Installation instructions
- Configuration options
- Database setup and configuration

User Guide

- Registration and login process
- User roles and permissions
- Dashboard overview
- Managing user profiles
- Course management (creation, editing, and deletion)
- Enrollment and attendance management
- Grade management and reporting
- Communication and notification features
- Reporting and analytics

Administrator Guide

- Managing system settings
- User management (creation, editing, and deletion)
- Course management (creation, editing, and deletion)
- Teacher/Instructor management (creation, editing, and deletion)
- Managing enrollment and attendance
- Generating reports and analytics
- System maintenance and backups

Teacher Profiles

- Personal Information
- Contact Details
- Educational Background
- Work Experience

Salary Management

- Salary Calculation
- Salary Components
- Salary Reports and Analytics

Attendance Management 

- Marking Attendance
- Viewing Attendance Records
- Attendance Reports and Analytics

Leave Management

- Applying for Leave
- Leave Approval Workflow
- Leave Reports and Analytics

Visitors Management

Visitor Check-In

-Pre-Registration Process

-On-Site Registration Process

-Check-In Confirmation

Visitor Profiles

-Personal Information

-Contact Details

-Purpose of Visit

-Check-In/Check-Out History

Expense Entry

-Adding Expenses

-Expense Categories

-Receipt Attachment

Expense Approval Workflow

- Approval Hierarchy

- Manager Review and Approval

Expense Tracking and Reporting

- Expense Status Tracking

- Expense Reports

- Analytics and Insights